About Me

My name is Jessie Rowland. I studied Screen Arts & Cultures and English Literature at the University of Michigan. I am a film enthusiast with a personal preference for anything Woody Allen, but my interests are vast. I figure that film has shaped me and my view of the world, and I therefore have every right to critique it from time to time. I expect the best from the movies I watch, revisit, and study, and I think conversation is a way to keep the film art strong and the popcorn popping.

In all my reviews I try to go beyond the particular film I’m critiquing and speak to what it does for the film canon. I think a good critique needs to do more than simply say what works and doesn’t work in the film, it needs to speak to the bigger picture. What does this film say about cinema? What do we want cinema to say and represent? Why do we watch movies?

I moved to New York City so that “now showing in select theaters” wouldn’t automatically mean I’d have to wait for the DVD or for the film to be available in my instant queue on Netflix (and the idealized Woody Allen version of The Big Apple and all its culture, drama, and city strolls didn’t hurt either.)


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